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We are a company with a passion for people, their lives and communities and so our productions and programmes are all about empowering people and encouraging them to seek new perspectives and opportunities. Our particular focus is upon those issues in our society that place people into the shadows and margins. We also aim to challenge the status quo of our society on such things as materialism, individualism and peer pressure and to explore spirituality in an open and enriching manner.

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Eva McIntyre - Cake Or Death? How To Do Theology Like Eddie Izzard
Eva McIntyre at the Greenbelt Festival 2014

Eva McIntyre performed at the Greenbelt Festival 2014 and you can watch this on GTV, the Greenbelt Youtube Channel.

Our 'This is Our Story Project' in Teme Valley North, Worcestershire, culminated in a community production of 'Visit Narnia' where audiences entered Narnia and watched the story happen before their very eyes!

                                           Lucy, played by Grace Wilson.

We are currently working with the General Synod of the Church of England 
Over the Synod from 5th-9th July in York 2013, we provided a piece of Forum Theatre for the 400+ delegates to help them find solutions to the disagreement over the legislation needed to move forward with the introduction of female bishops . This was the first time the Church of England had explored the approach of applied theatre in its discussions. The process was overwhelmingly well accepted, the process was embraced and the response afterwards incredibly positive. We look forward to continuing our work with the Church of England. 

Photograph: Colin Meredith as 'Bishop Fred' in the Forum Theatre 
"Synodical Big Brother".

For a video of part of the rehearsal process, go to the Schools and Community page.

The process in July was behind closed doors, yet the Telegraph online managed to cover the process fairly accurately! 


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