Green Blade Theatre -
Mind your Head Tour

2012 - 2015 

"Mind Your Head is a must see for everyone concerned about the well being of others and themselves. Through her one-woman show, Eva's storytelling is a true tale of everyday folk - people just like you and me. Both entertaining and challenging, Mind Your Head's often poignant humour reminds us of our collective fragility and the need to look after each other if we're to truly express God's love for us".   Keith Elliot.

"Catch the show if you can - I saw it's very first performance, and it was great (and I'm an atheist!)" Susanne Atherton.

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'Mind Your Head!' - a one woman show.
Written and performed by Eva McIntyre
Directed by David Vann

The Last Supper - Storytelling
2012 - 2015

"As long as I live, I will never forget this event!" Lorna Jackson

Eva McIntyre used her skills as a storyteller to bring a new dimension to the old story of the last week of Jesus' life. Her interpretation has been described as "Powerful" and "Deeply moving" by those who have experienced it.
The performance was one and a quarter hours and included the sharing of bread and wine.

Greenbelt Festival 

Eva was crowned Bard at the first Greenbelt Gorsedd in 2013. The Gorsedd was organised by Forest Church 

Photo by Bruce Stanley.

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