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Storytelling workshops with Eva McIntyre

Tailor-made to suit your event, these enjoyable workshops introduce the art of storytelling and help the participants to create and deliver their own stories in the oral tradition. 
 Storytelling Day retreats with Eva McIntyre

Eva ran day retreats at various locations using oral storytelling to inspire and encourage insight. 

"That story has started a transformation in my life. Thank you!" 'Mary' a retreat participant. 

Eva McIntyre of Green Blade Theatre worked with Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education at a day conference exploring emotional and mental well being in primary and secondary schools and sixth form colleges, and her input was very well received. 

From the conference feedback forms:

"Very inspiring and motivational"

From the future request section of feedback forms: 
"More presentations like Eva’s inspiring, engaging and realistic!"

This is our Story' is a new project using Storytelling and theatre skills to explore the challenges and changes that face Church congregations and their wider communities today.

The project began in the parish of Teme Valley North in Worcestershire

This project is currently being funded by Saltley Trust for three years and we are working in 3 parishes across 3 Anglican Dioceses in the Church of England.

The programme begins with dramatic input into the regular Sunday Act of Worship and then progresses to a six part course which is run on a weekly basis. By the end of this course, the participants have a short piece of drama to perform and begin to experience how interactive theatre can help with problem solving.
The second stage of the programme is a piece of Forum Theatre* which is created and  performed by members of the local community.

Photo of Forum Theatre in Pensax Church.
A report of the first experience of Forum Theatre in Teme Valley North Parish can be found here

*Forum Theatre is a specific form of theatrical practice developed by Augusto Boal and used to great effect with communities all over the world.

Visit Narnia in Teme Valley South!
The final stage of the project in Teme Valley North was a piece of community theatre engaging many people from the wider community. 
Here's a taster from the dress rehearsal:

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Visit Narnia tvn 035
A short clip from the dress rehearsal of 'Visit Narnia' at Lindridge 29th November 2013

Visit Narnia in Upton Magna June 2015
The final part of the project in the Wrockwardine Deanery Team Ministry in June 2015 was also an improvised, community production of Visit Narnia.

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In 2012 we worked in Stourport High Schoolwhere we created a piece of theatre with year 9 pupils on the history and culture of the town's Gipsy Roma Traveller community. This was jointly funded by Worcestershire County Council and the Commission for Social Responsibility (Diocese of Worcester)

This is our Story in Tenbury Wells

The Passion performance on Palm Sunday

As the Community Theatre part of the project, we ran a holiday club with a theatre focus and produced this play improvised from Eva's book 'Where is Lonely?' Here is a recording of the short play we produced in just 3 days.

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TW holiday club WIL 008
Tenbury Wells Holiday Club Play

Eva McIntyre is available for educational conferences and workshops on inclusion and mental health awareness. 

Using story telling, talking head monologues and applied theatre techniques, Eva helps education professionals, governors and student representatives to explore how prevention can be better than cure. 
Eva is the co-ordinator of Mental Health Matters, the CofE's national initiative on mental health and the author of 'A Quiet Mind'.

Our primary and secondary school anti-bullying workshops help children to understand what bullying is and how to deal with it appropriately. We work in the context of the whole school or individual classes and provide a teacher/staff/Governor session before working with the children. We also run full workshops for Governors, teachers and other school staff. We are included in the Church of England's new resource on eliminating homophobic bullying.
We are currently working with the General Synod of the Church of England 
Over the Synod from 5th-9th July in York 2013, we provided a piece of Forum Theatre for the 400+ delegates to help them find solutions to the disagreement over the legislation needed to move forward with the introduction of female bishops . This was the first time the Church of England had explored the approach of applied theatre in its discussions. The process was overwhelmingly well accepted, the process was embraced and the response afterwards incredibly positive. We look forward to continuing our work with the Church of England. 

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Forum Theatre Rehearsal York Synod
Brief film of the rehearsal of the Forum Theatre at York General Synod 2013. Featuring Actors; Colin Meredith, Sue Devaney, Emily Aston, Lorraine Munn, Julie Corrigan, Hugh McDonald, Eva McIntyre. Vol...

 Green Blade Theatre works with schools and community groups who wish to explore various topics of social concern and diversity.

Green Blade Theatre is a participating partner with the Church of England in the'Valuing All God's Children' programme which seeks to eradicate homophobic bullying in CofE Schools. 

We can supply short or long term interventions, performances and workshops for schools and parishes wishing to address this issue.

Storytelling, Talking Heads, Improvisation and participatory Theatre Techniques are all used sensitively as students and adults are led to engage with both the issues and the realities of others in a safe environment. This work can also go hand in hand with workshops on self esteem and meditation skills to help individuals deal with low self esteem, depression and anxiety. If desired, the work can lead on to qualitative monitoring of impact and designing of in house programmes that work towards an eradication of the toleration of prejudice and set in place effective means of challenging and dealing with it. 

Please contact us if you would like to explore booking us to work with you on this issue. 

Working with communities facing Change

Green Blade Theatre specialises in supporting communities to feel empowered when facing change.
For example: we provided a day workshop using Storytelling techniques to help members of a Religious Community explore the challenges and changes that affect them as they prepare to sell their convent and move to more suitable accommodation.

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